This is the woman behind SazzleByBell

The Sazzlebybell Story

Firstly Welcome! SazzleByBell has a rather bizarre origin story, so lets start from the beginning...

I (Sarah) was part way through my nurse training in 2020. I was also working as a healthcare assistant in the hospital during the Covid pandemic. One morning as I woke up for a HCA shift I was having a particularly bad morning and finding life tough. As I had walked half way to the hospital a friend stopped me and turned me back around and took me home.

This was the best thing they could have done (don't worry I called in sick)!

At home I lay in bed wondering what to do with my life and what my goals were. I had always wanted to own a business and I loved art and, drawing things that made me smile.

This was the beginning of a beautiful story.

Fueled by a need to make my childhood dreams come true, I opened an Etsy shop named Sazzlebybell. 

However, it is not the shop we know it to be now....

Oh no, it was a skate clothing shop....I didn't skate, never have. Needless to say it was not a successful product range and my wardrobe now consists of weird and wonderful SazzleByBell skate clothing.

Time passed and the skate clothing wasn't selling and I had now begun drawing random objects that caught my eye from Crocs, to Hydrangeas to Hammers and things got even more weird.


My nurse training continued and Covid was rife. It became time to write my dissertation the tittle "Is diabetic education accessible for adults with learning disabilities". 

Despite this being a fascinating subject I was bored. I was sick of writing about diabetes and instead I decided to take a break and draw. I really felt a strong pull to a tiger. And so I began...


I finished the drawing after a few days and thought to myself, something is missing.... a party hat! And so SazzleByBell as we know it was born.

Following this came a heavy stream of animals in party hats, I took requests and soon had an army of animals that made me laugh.

And so from sorrow to laughter the novelty party animal shop was born.


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